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Torriano Junior School – Liv’s Pre-Project Comic

31 Jan

Prior to starting the project with the pupils this week Liv produced this fantastic comic for the pupils to read and discuss, creating an exciting scenario as a catalyst for their explorations of the human blood circulatory system. Read and enjoy!


Meet the Participants

31 Jan

Three professional illustrators have been commissioned by the House of Illustration to devise and deliver the projects with the schools. They are being supported by an assistant, also professional illustrators themselves. In addition, scientists from Imperial College London are giving expert advice and support to the teams and will also be involved hands on in delivering some of the project content.

So let’s meet them all…

Mark Oliver is leading a project at Sir John Cass Primary School in the City of London in which he  is working with a year 5 group exploring plant life cycles to produce some giant botanical illustrations, and some lampshades inspired by the ecosystems that are supported by and support plants. He is also working with a year 6 class exploring micro organisms, they will be developing and producing a card game based on 30 different organisms.

Mark is an artist and illustrator who produces drawings, prints, comics and artists books and sculptural objects like wooden zoetrope’s and geodesic water lilies.  He is currently finding ways of incorporating this work into educational and community projects with organisations like the House of Illustration.

Here is his website: 

He is being ably assisted by Alice Stevenson, an illustrator, surface pattern designer and artist producing book covers, editorial commissions, posters, greeting cards and wrapping paper designs for a number of high profile clients.

Find her website here:

Liv Bargman is leading a project at Torriano Junior School in Camden in which she is working with two year 5 classes exploring the blood circulatory system. They will be producing a stop motion animation depicting the movement of blood cells around the human body with groups of pupils depicting different stages of the process.

Liv is a Bristol based illustrator specialising in hand drawn type and character design. As well working on editorial and advertising commissions she also illustrates science subjects for children and has worked on a number of education projects for the House of Illustration.

Here is Liv’s website:

She is being assisted by Rosalie Pryor an Illustrator and artist who’s striking watercolour images can be seen in a number of popular publications. As well as working on editorial commissions she also regularly exhibits her paintings.

Her website can be found here:

Sion Ap Tomos is leading a project at Thornhill Primary School in Islington in which he is working with two year 5 classes exploring local wildlife and habitats. The pupils will be visually cataloging and learning about the plants, animals and insects to be found in and around the school and creating an online resource for other pupils and potentially other schools to use.

He is a reportage illustrator and artist producing observed drawings and paintings of both people and places for a variety of clients. He has many years experience in art and design education working with children and adults of all ages in schools, colleges and museums.

Here is his website:

He is being assisted by Merlin Evans a narrative illustrator and artist producing work for children and adults illustrating myths and stories written by herself and others. She also works regularly in art and design education with children and young adults.

Her website can be found here:

Two scientists are involved in supporting the projects:

Sarah Gerver is participating in the project at Torriano Juniour school. She is a research scientist at Imperial College London in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, which deals with the study and control on infectious diseases. Her current research projects focus on assessing the transmission patterns and potential interventions for HIV within the UK and HSV-2 in the US.

See more info about Sarah here:

Kathleen O’Reilly is participating in the projects at Sir John Cass and Thornhill Primary Schools. She is also a research scientist working on the control of infectious disease at Imperial College London. Her current focus is on the control of polio, a preventable childhood disease that is close to eradication.  She originally trained as a biologist but now spends a significant amount of her time using maths and statistics to help solve biological problems.

See more info about Kathleen here:

Last but not by any means least are the teachers involved in the project at each school, they are:

Sir John Cass: Hasina Khan and David Bello

Torriano: Philip Taylor and Claire Trewhella

Thornhill: Rachel Wood and Emyr Fairburn

Alongside all these fantastic people are the most important and that is of course the pupils involved. 180 in total who will be combining science and illustration together to make fascinating discoveries and create fantastic work. We hope you will enjoy what they produce over the next few weeks.

Welcome To Our Blog

25 Jan


This blog has been created in order to showcase an exciting collaborative project exploring biological science subjects through the medium of illustration currently running in primary schools in London.

We will be regularly posting info on the progress and outcomes of the project including thoughts and comments from everyone involved and images of the work created by the pupils.

For more general info on the project, including the schools and organisations involved click on the About link at the top of the page.

We hope this blog space will be a useful tool for us to share our ideas and results with you as the project progresses over the next few weeks.