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Torriano School – Animation

9 Feb

The children each worked on one frame of the selected storyboards.

and recreated their characters a little smaller.

So they could animate the journey the blood takes around the circulatory system.


Torriano School – Meanwhile Sarah the scientist……

8 Feb

… did three science experiments with the children.

  1.       Can water pass through a potato? – Demonstrating osmosis.

2.       Is it harder to suck water through a straw when coated with yogurt? – Demonstrating cholesterol build up in blood vessels.

3.       Are lung capacity and height related?

Torriano School – Characters & Story-boards

8 Feb

The children created characters who would travel around the circulatory system and help them understand the journey that the blood makes around our bodies.


Working with class ‘Pulmonary’ and class ‘Systemic’, the children were divided into teams and each story boarded their part of the journey…..

The children then voted for the best story-board from each team which would form the basis of the animation……

Torriano School – Inky cells

8 Feb

The children used photos from the Welcome gallery as inspiration to create cells and shapes that could be seen inside the arteries and veins.

Torriano School – Livs live front of class illustrations

1 Feb

Livs Live front of class illustrations

Liv introduced the project to the pupils by doing some live illustrations.

The children imagined that they had shrank themselves right down so they could  fit inside of Fred’s body and help the scientists explain the circulatory system.

During Sarah the scientists front of class experiments Liv took comic strip notes….

The potato experiment.

Using balloons to measure lung capacity.

The children then took down notes in the same way in their science books ….

… using illustration to help them remember what they had learned.